grace young

Who doesn't want a designer who cooks yummy food for their roommate?

A bit about myself

I’m a design generalist that learns and does things on the fly. I enjoy bringing my weirdness into my work and translating complicated ideas into intuitive and exciting experiences.

I’m also an elusive Sagittarius that enjoys cooking different types of cuisines, reading novels that touch upon culture & self-discovery, binge-watching Asian dramas without subtitles, learning about personal finance, and working on big personal projects.

What I do ux/ui, product, visual, interaction, information design, brand identity, web design, font-end coding

Wanna connect

Want to collaborate or just say hello, reach her at email, check her on linkedin or insta

What am I up to

Developing a website for a friend

Coloring for a collaborative project

Painting digitally with friends


Typeset in B612, designed for aircraft cockpit screens