grace young

Yi Soon Bakery website redesign

In fall 2019, people coming to Allston, Boston can smell from many miles away the aroma of buns, breads, cakes, and cookies from this small Yi Soon Bakery store. As a veteran customer, this is the beginning of a favorable journey to add taste to their digital presence.

My role

For three weeks in fall 2019, I individually tackled the research, usability testing and visual design of the website.

The bakery store

It is hard to miss the customized signage above the store and once you walked in, walking out with breads, buns, or cakes in your arm is nearly impossible given the strong sweet and sticky fragrant of it.

Evaluating the site

I’m not as eager to share what I experienced on the site which is definitely not a good reflection of the store image. Hence, to figure out how to revamp and reorganize the site, I evaluated based on the criteria from the usability guideline on


After finding problems with the interface, I went ahead and iterated potential screen interactions and eventually expanded on one.

Navigation Flow

Usability testing

I did user testing with three participants. Some key observations and feedbacks I received were I needed to reconsider the allergy list to an ingredient list, the users wanted the ability to add more products to the cart before they go to the check out page, and the about page needed to be recognized by importance.

Visual design

According to the mockup, the readability has been improved by the hierarchy of the contents and sections. The homepage displays clear separated sections while still maintaining a unified whole. There is now a visual system applied to the layout which includes color, typography, and links. Navigating the website is made easier through the multiple access points, for example, one can access the “Buns & Bread” page in the navigation link. But if the user misses that access point, they can scroll down and see that there is a “Buns & Bread” section in “Our selections” section which gives users the opportunity to access this page.

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