grace young

NOPO Campaign

NOPO stands for the No Possession campaign that encourages people to own fewer things and live more effortlessly and meaningfully.

Logo animation

Inspired by objects stacked on top of each other and nested in a container, I imagined the "O" in the NOPO logo symbol to look like stacked hoops till the perspective changes to aerial view will then the "O" appears and completes the NOPO logo.

Engagement Pieces

Daily wall calender

How do I convey my take on minimalism to people? Then I thought about what about living minimally? So I decided - what about a daily wall calendar with a daily prompt like "Today, I appreciate..." and space for people to jot down what they appreciated on that day. So with that in mind, I want to help people declutter their minds and focus each day with something new to look forward to.

Engagement Pieces


I want people to encourage their friends, families, and anyone to work towards a "No Possessions" goal. Which means to live with less but with meaningful possessions and to enjoy worthwhile pursuits. This could be a postcard of yourself that you would send off to someone else so you could inspire and encourage that individual to do what they want to do.

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