grace young

Impact Labs

Inspiring and empowering ambitious computer scientists to build a better world.

I joined Impact Labs as a designer believing in their mission to inspire and empower ambitious computer scientists to build a better world. I realized that my role as a designer could enable me to create something that was socially impactful, and so I set my goals to develop a socially impactful website and an engaging brand identity for Impact Labs.

User research, wireframing, ideation, visual design, brand identity

Minj Koo, Derrek Chow, Nikhil Gupta

Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop


My goal is to create a brand identity and website that reflected the personality and community of Impact Labs.



I interviewed my teammates and students who had participated in the past Impact Lab's events. As a newly joined member, I was curious and asked questions about what and why the participants were interested in Impact Labs events or its fellowship and what kind of person they see Impact Labs as.

Who is Impact Labs? – I couldn't help noticing similar responses shared among the 5 participants I interviewed.


With my team members, I brainstormed and sketched webpage ideas. I wanted to make the website a reflection of Impact Lab's people and community. To do this I added fun illustrations, warm and rounded shapes, and dynamic transitionssp.

Site Map


My teammates and I explored different layouts and styles while recieving feedbacks from our teammates which includes, the designers, developers, and the founders of Impact Labs.


I believed in keeping a consistent identity across the page while incorporating fun elements and graphics to create an personality and inspiring community.

Design System

Adapted from the brand identity guideline, this design system for the web includes color, typography, grid, metrics, buttons, form, assets, icons, illustrations, and photos.

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